Family Chiropractor in St. Johns, Michigan

Spinal Traction & Chiropractic Care

The relief you want for muscle and joint pain is waiting for you at St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic. Utilizing cryotherapy, spinal traction, and hot packs, we customize chiropractic care to solve your problems.

Massage Therapy

The perfect complement to chiropractic is massage therapy. In addition to pain relief, massage promotes natural healing, improves circulation, and promotes overall better health. Schedule an appointment by calling (989) 224-8228, so that you can start to feel better faster.

Visit our family chiropractor in St. Johns, Michigan, for effective relief of musculoskeletal pain, stress, and tightening.

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About Us

Give your overall health a natural boost with care and treatment from our family chiropractor in St. Johns, Michigan. At St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Roger Massa and our staff specialize in chiropractic and massage for patients of all ages.

Dr. Massa completed certification as a chiropractic sports physician. He also attended the rehabilitation program sponsored by Palmer Chiropractic College and the Michigan Chiropractic Society.

The Care You Need

With our new, state-of-the-art facility, well-trained staff, and continuing education, we are able to provide the latest chiropractic technology and care. Because no two people are the same, each patient receives a treatment program specifically designed for his or her condition.

This may include hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, massage therapy, cervical, lumbar, and intersegmental traction, flexion and distraction, stretching and strengthening exercises, and ergonomic consulting. All of this is designed to support the manipulative adjustment.