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Strong Core, Healthy Spine

with Dr. Tyler Dickenson


 A high energy, circuit style training class with an emphasis on core strengthening. This is a weekly class designed for people looking to take their core conditioning and fitness to the next level. A strong core will improve athletic performance and prevent injury.

Class is held every Monday (with the exception of holidays) 

at 6:20 - 7:20pm at the Wilson Center in St. Johns 

If it is your first time or you would like a refresher, be sure to arrive 10-15 min early for Dr. Dickenson to demonstrate the exercises.

$10 per visit

How do I sign up?

Option 1. Simply show up to class and pay at the beginning of class

Option 2. Purchase prepaid punch cards below

Punch cards are to be picked up in the office or at class.

Nutrition Class Testimonials

Teresa Villarreal

Bonnie Hettler

Therese Koenigsknecht

Dean Feldpausch

Healthy Living, Nutritional Course

with Dr. Tyler Dickenson

A six-week course for people who are looking to learn about proper nutrition and make positive life-style  changes for long-term health and weight loss. Learn all about goal setting, making effective change, quality food choices, macronutrients, micronutrients, and much more!

Next Course 

None currently scheduled.

I signed up for the Health Living class at the last minute and I am very glad I did.  The class was life changing for me and my husband.  We have learned so much about how to live a healthier lifestyle.  Not only has it helped us to lose weight, but we feel so much better because we are eating healthier and have a much greater understanding of how the foods we eat affect our bodies.   Dr. Dickenson provided us with a wealth of information.  He encouraged questions which led to interesting conversations from the class.


I highly recommend this class and appreciate all of the topics covered.  

I was tired of the yo-yo dieting; being told to eat this and not that, and never really knowing why. So, I took the Healthy Living, Nutrition Course with Dr. Tyler Dickenson and was thoroughly educated on what our bodies need and why; how food, exercise, rest, and happiness all affect overall well being. This knowledge is empowering... instead of looking at what I can't have, it has become more about finding new, healthy choices that I can have. It's about being overall healthy, feeling good with no aches & pain, more energy, and the weight loss is like an extra bonus. I highly recommend the class!

While seeing Dr. Massa for an adjustment, I saw a flyer in the window of his office advertising a Healthy Living Nutrition Course, taught by Dr. Dickenson.  Dr. Massa encouraged me to take it so I did and I’m glad I listened to him.   I had taken a nutrition course a few years ago that was very informative, however, it was too time-consuming for me.  I thought I ate healthy until I took this class offered by St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic; which is only 90-minutes for 6 weeks.  Something as simple as a $30 Magic Bullet Blender and Mixer and this class has changed my life.  I puree spinach and other healthy vegetables as well as additional protein and can “sneak” them in food; even my grandkids didn’t know they were eating spinach!  My breakfast every morning consists of a protein smoothie that I can make in no time at all.  This class has given me the tools I need to eat healthier, which in turn has helped alleviate a lot of my pain as well as helped me lose weight.  I’m now taking the Strong Healthy Spine class, taught by Dr. Dickenson, one hour per week, and I highly recommend both classes to anyone who wants to feel good and get fit.  Thank you Dr. Massa & Dr. Dickenson for your continued encouragement and effort to keep all of us healthy!    

I would strongly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning about a healthier lifestyle.  Dr. Dickenson's presentation includes a simple approach to losing weight that is not tied to any current diet craze.  Simply learning more about what we ingest, we can make practical decisions about what we eat, that is the best way to be successful in the long run. I have lost six pounds since starting this course without making radical changes to my diet.  I didn’t lose weight as quickly as Marie Osmond, but I’ve noticed she is on TV about every four years claiming she lost 50 pounds again.  Why does she keep putting it back on after her diet is over??  Since my weight loss was not associated with a diet fad I should be able to keep the weight off, and maybe lose a little more when the weather breaks and I’m cycling and jogging more. I'm very glad I took this course!

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