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St Johns Chiropractic Clinic

St Johns Chiropractic Clinic


       Get out of pain, improve performance, and achieve wellness with the care from our sport and family chiropractors in St. Johns, Michigan. At St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Rodger Massa, Dr. Tyler Dickenson, and the rest of our staff specialize in musculoskeletal complaints and maximizing overall health! At St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care possible. Our mission is to not only treat the various ailments of our patients but to motivate and guide them toward living the healthiest life possible, as the most effective approach to health care is through prevention.

The St. Johns Chiropractic Difference

      Quality is of the utmost importance when choosing a Chiropractor. St. Johns Chiropractic has established a track record of over 25 years of quality chiropractic treatment. St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic has been voted the LCN's People's Choice for Chiropractic in St. Johns for the past 20 years! Not only do we offer premium chiropractic treatment with the utilization of a wide variety of modalities to customize your care, but as a patient, you gain an entire office of people who truly care about your health and well-being! 

      At St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic, it is not a one size fits all, cookie-cutter treatment. Our care is individualized for your specific needs based on a thorough evaluation. You will receive a treatment program specifically designed for your condition. St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic utilizes a wide variety of modalities and therapies including manipulation, heat therapy, cryotherapy, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization, mechanical traction, flexion-distraction, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser, massage, stretching and strengthening exercises, and/or ergonomic consulting.

     When you need a treatment, there is nothing worse than not being able to schedule an appointment. St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic works very hard to get you scheduled in a timely manner. Often times, you can be seen the same day you contact the office. Scheduling is offered online and over the phone for your convenience.  

     The last thing you want to think about when you are in pain is how you are going to pay for treatment. St. Johns Chiropractic Clinic accepts most insurances and offers affordable rates for cash patients. Call our office with any questions regarding treatment pricing or insurance.

About Us
Our Staff


Dr. Rodger Massa


Dr. Tyler Dickenson


Carrie Simon


Char Hetherington


Megan Hunnitcutt



"Dr Massa has been my chiropractor for the past 16 years. He has been able to treat and help heal every musculoskeletal issue my children or I have encountered. I enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere as well as the timely manner in which they can get you seen in an acute injury." 

Sheila Gardens

"Very knowledgeable staff! Dr. Massa is awesome and I love the fact that he does not push you to come back again and again! I have been a patient of his since he came to town and will continue as one. Best in the business!"

"I have been to over a dozen chiropractors all over the United States and can say with out a doubt Dr. Massa is a gifted practitioner. I would highly recommend St. Johns Chiropractic!"

Tyrel Todd

"Very helpful! They are always able to get me in when needed the most! Staff is wonderful!"

"Anyone who wants to experience total wellness and better your health, Tyler is the doc to see. He has helped my health immensely and I most certainly would recommend him to my friends, family, and other work professionals. Dr. Tyler Dickenson is a caring health professional and will always do his best to assist you."

Eric Throne

"...I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was terribly nervous. However, Dr. Dickenson was so professional and pleasant it calmed my nerves... I would recommend Dr. Dickenson to any of my family or friends looking for a chiropractor in the Saint Johns/Lansing area."

Our Services


Chiropractic Exam


On your first visit, and as needed, the Doctors will perform a detailed evaluation of your condition

Chiropractic Manipulation


Manipulations or Adjustments are used to help your spine move the way it is intended to, this makes you more healthy!



Heat is used to relax the muscles and facilitate the adjustments.

Cold Laser


Stimulates an increase in cellular energy production and healing.



Ice is used primarily to reduce inflammation 



Creates heat that penetrates deeply and stimulates the healing process



Creates heat that penetrates deeply and stimulates the healing process

Success Stories


Chiropractic Exam


A detailed evaluation of your condition is performed so we can design the most effective treatment plan possible.

Chiropractic Manipulation


Manipulations, or adjustments, are used to remove restrictions and malpostions of the joints to restore normal function.

Mechanical Traction


Gentley seperates the spinal joints to relieve tension on the spinal nerves. A state of the art alternative treatment for serious issues.



Massage releases tension in the musculature and reduces pain. A valuable tool for maintaining musculoskeletal health.

Cold Laser


A state of the art modality that stimulates an increase in cellular energy production to speed the healing process.

Interferential Current


Electrical stimulation gentley helps to remove inflammation and relax musculature to assist in getting you better fast.



Creates heat that penetrates deeply and stimulates the healing process to get you better faster.



A diverse tool that can be used to decrease pain, support posture, improve your body's self awareness, and/or reduce swelling.



Heat is used to relax the muscles and facilitate the adjustment and maximize the benefits.



Ice is used primarily to reduce inflammation and control pain. 


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is used to break up adhesions and improve range of motion.

Flexion Distraction


Flexion distraction is a gentle method of mobilization that decreases intradiscal pressure to relieve nerve irritation from herniated discs.



Telephone: 989-224-8228

Fax: 989-224-2157

Our Address

1004 N. US-27

St. Johns, MI 48879

Next to Journey Credit Union and Avery Eye Care Center

Office Hours

Mon, Wed-Fri





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